Ambien Mechanism of Action

What is Ambien?

Ambien is a prescription medicine for the temporary treatment of adults who have trouble falling asleep (insomnia). The generic name for Ambien is Zolpidem and it became available as a generic medicine in 2007. Zolpidem was used in Europe starting in 1986. It was approved in the United States of America in 1992 under the brand name “Ambien.” You can BUY AMBIEN ONLINE IN USA NEXT DAY DELIVERY  and take it when you need to sleep peacefully for the entire night. Zolpidem is a schedule IV CSA (Controlled Substance Act) 1970. In other words, it works by activating the neurotransmitter GABA and binding it to the GABA receptors in the same location.

Is Ambien a Benzodiazepine?

The answer is no, Zolpidem is a non-benzodiazepine drug, it is a sleep medicine and a doctor prescribes it for the treatment of insomnia. Zolpidem is a short-term treatment of insomnia and a powerful sedative-hypnotic drug. However, it is a short term treatment of insomnia and it reduces your sleep onset time by around 15 minutes. Also, the extended-release tablets of Zolpidem helps people stay asleep for extended periods.


Ambien Dosage

Ambien is available in the form of conventional tablets, oral spray or sublingual tablets in small, white, yellow, blue or pink oblong pills that are taken by mouth and have an extended- release effect and it is taken by mouth. The medicine’s dosage depends on several factors like age, gender, medical condition and other medication.


How does Ambien (Zolpidem) work?

  • Zolpidem is a non-benzodiazepine drug and works incredibly fast. Thus, you may BUY ZOLPIDEM TABLETS WITH NO RX to feel its sedative and relaxing effects after an emphatic day.
  • Zolpidem is a GABA receptor agonist of the imidazopyridine class and  works by increasing GABA effects in the central nervous system (CNS) which means it slows brain activity.
  • Its effects start 30 minutes and last for about 8 hours after you take it. Zolpidem increases GABA activity, which produces a drowsy or calming effect.
  • It works by binding to the GABA receptors at the exact location of other benzodiazepine drugs.
  • The recommended initial Ambien dosages for men and women are different because the reason behind it is that the Zolpidem clearance is lower in women than in men. Above allYou can BUY AMBIEN ONLINE WITH OVERNIGHT DELIVERY to fall asleep quickly as it starts working in about 30 minutes.

 What are the side effects of Zolpidem Tablets?

  • The most common side effects of Zolpidem use include drowsiness, dizziness, diarrhea, dry mouth, sore throat, constipation and lightheadedness.
  • Zolpidem increases risk of depression, poor driving, falls and bone fracture and suppressed respiration with an increased risk of death and some rare side effects of Ambien is sinusitis, flu-like symptoms, sleep disorder, back pain, depression and sinusitis.
  • Suicidal thoughts, memory loss, loss of pleasure in daily life, nightmares, anxiety and sleep disturbances are some other side effects of Ambien, if you feel these side effects contact your doctor immediately.

What should I avoid while using Ambien?

  • BUY AMBIEN ONLINE AT LOW PRICE but you should not consume alcohol while using Ambien and opioid drugs should also not be prescribed and not take such illicit drugs recreationally.
  • Alcohol may increase the  central nervous system side effects of Ambien.
  • Therefore,  please do not drink alcohol if you have taken Ambien the same evening or before bedtime and also avoid consuming grapefruit or its product or juice while you are on this medication.

Should I tell the doctor or pharmacist about my medical history?

Yes, you should tell your doctor of pharmacist about your medical history. Also, if you ever had or have these problems tell your doctor or pharmacist:

  • liver or lung disease,
  • drug or alcohol addiction,
  • mental illness,
  • depression or suicidal thoughts,
  • breathing stop during sleep or sleep apnea and kidney problem.



  • In conclusionAmbien is helpful for sleeping difficulties (insomnia) and it is short-term treatment. It is prescription medication which helps you get to sleep faster and sleep throughout the night. Take it orally just before bedtime and it acts on your brain to produce a calming effect.
  • Adults use this medication for the short-term treatment of insomnia. However, if you use Zolpidem for a long time, it may not work as well.
  • Some people using Ambien  when they have engaged in activity such as making phone calls, eating, driving, walking or having sex and later having no memory of the activity.
  • If this happens to you, stop taking medicine and consult your doctor about your problems.

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