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What are  Trakem 100 mg Tablets?

Trakem 100mg Tramadol Tablets are designed to work primarily as a muscle relaxant. This is the tablet’s principal purpose. The treatment of acute musculoskeletal pain and the symptoms that are associated with it, such as tension, rigidity, spasms, and stiffness, can benefit from the use of this substance.

The Trakem 100mg Tablet can also be used to treat these diseases, in addition to relieving pain in the back and joints, stiffness in the muscles, and discomfort in the blood vessels. In addition to this, it helps to ease pain and has a relaxing impact on the central nervous system. This medication is a part of the class of drugs that are referred to as muscle relaxants.

Moderate to severe pain is typically treated with Trakem 100 mg Tramadol. In the United States, this tablet is under schedule IV. People are better off now that the FDA has approved this drug. This medication’s effectiveness for moderate to severe pain is on par with modest doses of codeine and extremely high doses of hydrocodone. This medication only has a small effect on severe pain. Patients feel somewhat better but not completely.

How Should I Use Trakem 100 mg Tablet?

Always refer to the labeling or ask the pharmacy for clarification before taking any new medication or getting a refill. The directions for using the drug are included below for your convenience. To achieve the best results, take your Trakem 100 mg Tramadol pill exactly as prescribed. You should always take your medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor if you want it to help with your pain.

Trakem 100mg Tramadol has a wide range of uses, from reducing inflammation to relieving allergy symptoms.

Trakem 100mg Tramadol tablets are used once a day at the same time as advised by your doctor. If your doctor has prescribed a once-daily regimen, stick to it. If you’re having problems, like nausea, it could help to take the medication with food. If you take this medication without food because you have nausea, you might have catastrophic consequences. To avoid this, take this medication with food.

Common Side Effects of Trakem 100 mg Tramadol

  • Sleepiness
  • Fatigue
  • Dryness in Mouth
  • Muscle weakness
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Stomach Upset

 Storage and Disposal of Trakem 100mg Tramadol Medicine

  • Always store the tablet of Trakem 100mg Tramadol below 30° in a cool and dry place to make it better.
  • Always keep this tablet out of the reach of children and pets.

Dosage of Trakem 100 mg

Don’t double up on the dosage in hopes of feeling better faster. A patient’s medical history and condition are considered whenever a doctor prescribes a dose. If a doctor or chemist has given you specific instructions, stick to them. Citra 100mg‘s staff is always available to assist customers in their quest to learn more about the medications we provide.


If you have taken a higher dose of the pill than prescribed, you should contact your physician as soon as possible since you may encounter adverse consequences. In addition to that, our staff is available to answer any questions you may have about the drug.

Missed a Dose

It is not a good idea to take two dosages at the same time; doing so will result in an undesirable consequence. Always take your prescription at the time that the label directs you to. If you realize that you missed a dose, take another one at the usual time.

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